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Danielle Robison
Misty Woodland

Danielle Robinson, PhD Student



Damilola Toki, PhD student



Lisbeth Pino, PhD Student

Lisbeth Pino is a specialist in Public Health with experience on the case-based method of learning which cultivates critical thinking, teamwork, leadership skills, and knowledge of

disciplinary perspectives in order to build health at multiple levels of intervention: individual, family, community, and society. Lisbeth won the MTV International Award (Music Television in Mexico City) ‘How to Think About Solutions to Social Problems in a Creative Way’ Lisbeth was also an honorable recipient of the International Ecuadorian Scholarship for High Performance Students to study the Masters of Public Health at Western University in Canada. Lisbeth has excellent interpersonal skills, empathy, confidentiality, problem-solving capacity, creative, and the ability to work in culturally diverse groups. Currently, Lisbeth is doing her PhD in the Health Promotion field of the Health & Rehabilitation Sciences Graduate Program at Western University. 


Vivetha Thambinathan, PhD Student

Vivetha Thambinathan is a PhD Student in the Health Professional Education program, in Health and Rehabilitation Sciences at Western University. She is a two-time Western graduate, first completing her undergraduate degree in Medical Sciences and later receiving her Master’s in Public Health. She is also a former OUA varsity figure skater with the Western Mustangs. Vivetha’s specific research interests lie in improving patient-physician relationships for refugees and understanding the role of intergenerational trauma in healthcare. She aims to study how the integration of cross-cultural training in health professional education can translate into the delivery of culturally appropriate care for refugees. Apart from school, Vivetha is a passionate donut lover, figure skating coach, and activist engaged in raising awareness about the Tamil Families of the Disappeared in Sri Lanka.

Misty Woodland


Misty Woodland

Linda, X



Cathy Luc, BHSc student

Cathy Luc is a Research Assistant for Professor Wylie at University of Western Ontario located in London, Ontario. She was born and raised in Vaughan, Ontario where she developed her motivation to earn a career in the humanitarian field. With inspiration from her parent’s story as refugees fleeing from Vietnam during its civil war, Cathy has particular interest in refugee and immigrant communities. She is determined to apply her knowledge from her program with her experience as a research assistant under Dr. Wylie to develop a deeper understanding of the issues of health equity for refugees, immigrants, and indigenous populations. On her free time, she enjoys connecting with her local community and working out as she places importance on physical and mental health.


Aastha Gulati

Aastha is an undergraduate student at Western University, studying Medical Sciences & Psychology. Her research interests involve using a community-based approach to work with marginalized populations to decrease health inequities within our healthcare system. Outside of research, she enjoys eating and travelling.


Ramzan Rana

Ramzan Rana is a Research Assistant for Professor Wylie at the University of Western in London, Ontario. He is a 20 year old from Mississauga, Ontario studying Psychology and Health Sciences at Western University. He is very interested in learning about aboriginal communities, mental health, immigration and refugees policies and Canada’s aging population. His passion is to enhance his learning by participating in community activities and engage with his fellow students. He has worked in the past with refugee populations and is always seeking new opportunities that can help him improve his knowledge. He is very passionate about helping others and understand what can be done to improve Canada’s policies regarding refugee and immigration and what we can do to make the transition easy for newcomers to Canada. On his spare time he loves to play sports such as Wrestling and has competed for Western Wrestling in the past. He enjoys going for hikes, playing sports, and finding new places to travel to.  


Jama Yusuf

Jama Yusuf is a fourth-year undergraduate student at Western University, studying Health Sciences. Born in Toronto, Jama spent three years in Egypt before returning back to Toronto. Being a first-generation Somali-Canadian, Jama is very interested in immigrant health. Health equity is also a very important topic for Jama, as he sees the health inequities his mother faces, being a blind, black, Muslim woman. Jama hopes to find himself working in the Public Health field and giving back to the communities that have given him so much. In his spare time, Jama can be found playing basketball, soccer, or competing with his roommates in Jeopardy.

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Hunster Yang, BSc

Hunster recently completed his undergraduate education at Western University, graduating with a Bachelor of Science with an Honors Specialization in Neuroscience. He is currently a Master of Science in Global Health student at McMaster University, with a specialization in Globalization and Equity. Through various academic, volunteer, and community involvements, Hunster has developed a passion for working at the intersections of equity, education, community engagement, and health research. Outside of research, he enjoys travelling, learning about different cultures, going on adventures, canoeing, and camping.  


Janani Thillainathan, BA

Janani recently completed her undergraduate education at Western University, graduating with a Bachelor of Arts with an Honors Specialization in First Nations Studies. Her research interests include Indigenous health and well being, Indigenous legal traditions, Indigenizing Education in Canada, and Tamil Migration and Diaspora Studies. As well, her research methodologies primarily include, Participatory Action Research, Community Based Research, Indigenous Research Methodologies, and Decolonization Research. Outside of research, she enjoys hanging out with family and friends, reading, sleeping, and eating. 

Misty Woodland




Emma Arnold

Emma Arnold is a current undergraduate student completing her fourth year of an Honours Double Major in Criminology and Commercial Aviation Management. Her work with the Health Equity Action Research Team began as a class placement focusing on the criminalization of marginalized populations. This focus prompted her research on Canada’s immigration holding centres and their related health concerns. Emma brings a sociological perspective and a shared passion for equality and equity to the team.

Misty Woodland



Misty Woodland



Misty Woodland

Anne Marie


Misty Woodland



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