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Indigenous Governance

British Columbia First Nations Health Governance 

Health governance in British Columbia (BC) is currently undergoing an historic transformation, with the governance of First Nations health services being taken on by BC First Nations. In addition, the BC Tripartite Framework Agreement on First Nations Health Governance (signed in October 2011) clearly states that BC First Nations, the BC Ministry of Health and the Regional Health Authorities (RHAs) will work collaboratively on the design and delivery of provincial health services for First Nations people. 

O'Neil, J., Wylie, L., Bingham, B., Lavoie, J., Alcock, D., & Johnson, H. (2016). Transforming First Nations' health governance in British Columbia. International Journal of Health Governance, 21(4), 229-44. 

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Indigenous Health Systems Issues and Innovations

Lavoie, J. G., Kornelsen, D., Wylie, L., Mignone, J., Dwyer, J., …, & O’Donnell, K. (2016). Responding to health inequities: Indigenous health system innovations. Global Health, Epidemiology and Genomics, 1, e14.

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Lavoie, J. G., Kornelsen, D., & Wylie, L. Lost in maps: Regionalization and Indigenous health services. Healthcare Papers, 16(1), 63-73.

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