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Transcultural Mental Health Care

This project is part of the overall services transformation in mental health, focusing on the needs of immigrants and refugees. London Health Sciences Centre (LHSC) is in a process of renewing clinical services, through community engagement and partnership. Building on the experience of other hospitals that have implemented similar initiatives, this project engaged staff and community members to identify barriers in mental health services, and establish a new model of care working closely with our partners in the community to provide family-centered mental health care that is timely, comprehensive, culturally sensitive, integrated and compassionate.

Check out our Publication: Assessing Trauma in a Transcultural Context , recently selected as an outstanding piece of research for World Mental Health Day by Springer Journals

And Lloy Wylie's article in the Conversation: How to Develop the mental health care that refugees really need


See our Poster about the project.



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Complexity of Health

Coming soon.

Women's Refugee Health

Coming soon.

London and Kigali, Refugee Health Needs and Services Mapping

Coming soon.

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